. Wake up early – This is the best thing you can do. Probably you can write or do something else you love. They are the most productive hours of the day.

2. Take cold water showers – Get away from the habit of heating water before you take a bath. Saves electricity too and also energizises you instead of making you feel just wet.

3. Talk to your parents/loved ones daily – We often take them for granted. Once you start doing this, you will be receptive towards other too. And by talking I mean hold conversation and be conscious about them.

4. Take care of your body – Exercise, if you cant then at least walk. If you are under 40, make sure you don’t have a protruding tummy. You are not doing justice to yourself if you are not fit.

5. Meet somone who is not from your social circle – At least once a week, if not everyday. This will help you grow both personally and professionally.

6. Write to someone with whom you havent spoken in an year – One person a day. Could be just an FB message or a like or comment on their status.

7. Disconnect from social media and all electronic devices(computer, Phone and TV) – At least one day a week. This will help you a lot in long run and also you will figure out ways to spend your day talking to people, reading and in other tasks you never thought about.

8. Hug someone/Say thank you – Everyone deserves a pat ont he back for doing their bit to serve you. Your reciprocation will life their spirits.

9. Learn something which helps you save time – Though most skill can’t be learned in a day, you can learn a trick every day which helps you save time. it could be a shortut in excel or anything else.

10. Help others by sharing what you know – Because it never about yourself, right?


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