1. Smile as you breathe: even if you force it initially, it sets off a chemical and emotional chain reaction that can improve your health, mood and eventually your outlook. 😀
  2. Save money: it doesn’t matter if your income is less or you are a student. Remember, it’s not your salary that makes you rich but it’s your spending habits. Save in whatever way you can and invest and re-invest your savings. Let it grow with you.
  3. Wake up early: it will provide few extra hours to invest in your hobbies and no doubt, it will keep you fit.
  4. Stay away from any form of gossip: it saves time, relationships and keeps negative thoughts at bay.
  5. Socialise by meeting REAL people: use social network to stay in touch with real friends. Don’t dwell in a virtual world.
    Life is short, leave your computer aside, go out and enjoy!
  6. Stay curious and learn something new everyday
  7. Energy saving mode: conserve the environment by saving resources(electricity, fuel, water, trees, etc.) and keep the surrounding clean.
  8. Read good books: time is limited, don’t waste it reading gossips and irrelevant magazines. As Mark Twain has rightly said:
    The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.
  9. Organise your priorities beforehand in life: it will simplify your today and help you make practical and effective decisions tomorrow.

Eat a piece of chocolate on daily basis 🙂
Eating chocolate releases several neurotransmitters in our brain that have positive effects on our feelings (that is, they make us happy).
Don’t believe me? read this:
Why Does Chocolate Make People Happy?


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