Living life to the fullest at the age 22

  1. Get off Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are places for people with attention whoring disorder.happy-birthday-to-me-22-years-old-2
  2. Get a gym membership. Go 4x a week.
  3. Read a book on a practical subject matter, once a month, if you’re not committed to other intensive academic studies.
  4. Don’t buy the bullshit that doing what you love brings you money in the end. Doing what you’re good at,  is what brings you the money and time to do what you love.
  5. Save half your income and invest wisely. Avoid derivatives unless you’re a pro. In time you will have the money to do whatever you want.
  6. If at all possible live and work in a foreign country for a few years.
  7. Be willing to meet people from different cultures and belief systems.  Be open minded about how they approach life and refrain from judging initially until you have gained enough perspective.
  8. Accept reality for what it is.  There is nothing wrong with having ideals to aspire for, but you must accept reality for what it currently is, before you can go about changing it.  There are plenty of people who live in their dreams and fantasies and amount to nothing, because they can’t accept the harshness of reality.  Sometimes, your life will just suck and you have to face it before you can make it better.
  9. Date wisely.
  10. Use leverage only to buy appreciating assets that generate income.  Buy without leverage assets that only appreciate via capital gains.  Lease anything that depreciates or generates negative cash flow because you generally only pay for the depreciation.

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