Good Mini Habits to practice Everyday


In no particular order:

  • Floss before going to bed.To ensure that you don’t have junk stewing in your teeth for 8 hours.
  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  • Perform kegels every day.
  • “Eat the frog”.Write down 1 task that you must absolutely perform in order for the day to be a success, and do it first when you get to work.
  • Send 1 call/text/email to an old friend or colleague that you haven’t spoken with in a while.Over one year, that adds up to 365 reignited relationships (or 61 relationships reignited six times apiece).
  • End the day with less emails in your inbox than you started with.Repeat until you get to inbox zero.
  • Give away / donate one item in your household every single day.Repeat until you have an uncluttered, restful home.
  • Answer one question on Quora per day.Work on your writing ability while contributing to the organization of the world’s knowledge.
  • Walk to and from work, if possible.Exercise! Sunshine!habits-and-changes
  • Eat at least one fruit or vegetable each day.Sure, you should probably eat a half-dozen servings of each. But things can get really screwed up when you are eating zero fruits and veggies. Start small and be consistent.
  • Express gratitude.My days go so much smoother when I remind myself: “dude, you could just as easily have been born in a Sudanese refugee camp. You’re one lucky mo-fo.”
  • Spend at least 20 minutes reading something that is completely unrelated to your career (or “personal development”).Creative thinking requires varied inputs. If you have monofocus (e.g. only read about startups all day), you’re severely limiting the amount of interesting ideas you can come up with.
  • Get uncomfortable at least 1x per day (ideally 3x or 5x).By “get uncomfortable” I mean “summon the courage to do something that makes you anxious”. Speak up during the work conference call. Say hi to the pretty girl or fella standing next to you in line. Run 4 miles instead of 3. Et cetera. A-journey-of-a-thousand-miles-must-begin-with-a-single-step.--e1418705681761Remember: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair

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